Igniting the Spark

Famous Seamus | Thursday, 28 July 2016

Creating work and finding an audience that wants to see that work is a conundrum that any artist faces. How to convince the Edinburgh public that “Frank the Sh*t Eater” dressed in a bin bag, covered in said preferred cuisine, could possibly be the funniest thing they see all festival. When Lords of Strut first began in 2009 doing our special blend of street theatre, it was accessible to all, kids loved us, and parents laughed at the line we gently danced over. I remember the first time I wore those tiny little hot pants on the street, “this is too much” I thought, but no it wasn't. People wanted us to go further, but how far can we go on the Street, yet remain a family friendly veneer; certainly our new naked suit with bejeweled nether regions would garner the odd complaint.
As artists we have grown, the success of that first show has funded our development in how far we can go with an audience in a theatre. A theatre allows us greater control, lights, sound, atmosphere, and that is the creative challenge we want to take on, not the grueling tasks of administration and the continual self promotion that is required to book gigs and sell tickets. Live entertainment isn't dead, because we as human's need to laugh, not the intellectual, smart chuckle at the socially political observations of a stand up, which you can buy a dvd of, but the deep belly laugh at two idiots, two buffoons, two fools riding the wave of ridiculous, going further into the absurd if the audience are there with them. It's live, and the audience are part and parcel of that experience, and that's the reason live ain't dead.
But after 7 years of hard grafting as Lords of Strut, we've decided to take the foot off the peddle this winter, which is actually been a huge relief. Not worrying about what is next. Because what is next is some down time, to reflect on what has been, and what will come next. And this has created a new perspective on our 4th return to Edinburgh, the largest performance arts festival in the world with many opportunities, and when those opportunities don't be banging down the door it takes from the amazing success and achievements. So this year in 2016 we are going to Edinburgh with the priority of enjoying the shows and having the craic with whoever comes through the door, it's like the 7 year itch with your girlfriend, and we are going, with the audience, to Tenerife to see if we can have the best sex ever.