Robbed in Perth

Seantastic | Friday, 31 January 2014

Getting your stuff Nicked?

First you look around "I'm sure I left this here" then you see something else missing... then you see a bag open that wasn't open. "Shit we've been robbed" you look around for another while hoping that what you know is wrong, you are not wrong, you have been robbed!

Our venue had been broken into, anywhere can be broken into at any time if people are daring enough. Our venue had taken the precautions, it had fencing, camera's and all night security. They stole our mini pad we use for sound effects, our portable mixing desk, my Adidas pumps and weirdly our fire engine red lipstick. The lipstick is a prop from the show, at some point we both put it on in an example of male expression... now assuming the person who robbed us was a dude then he took the lipstick for one of two reasons: 1. to give it as a present to a lady friend of his. OR (the option I prefer) 2. he wanted to look fabulous leaving that venue, and I'm sure he did!
The stress of having to go and replace all the stuff, and not even replace it accurately... I would rather have the gear ransomed... he could have nicked it, and sent us a creepy letter demanding the full value of the goods... that would have been exciting, we could have met him down an ally, his lips glowing from the fire engine red lipstick "you can have everything back except the lipstick, this I am keeping" and I would have agreed, would even have been proud to have introduced this trashy dude to dressing out and expressing himself more.
But no... selling our gear he is going to get way less than the stuff is worth... we have to go out and buy it all again at prices higher than we paid for gear that is less suitable. And run around the city like stress heads instead of being nice and calm before our show! So what do you do... get pissed off? Worry about the money? Neither worry nor anger are going to do us any good, they just slow you down from the things you really want to get done. If we look for excuses to slow us down or allow us to be angry, we can always find those excuses, we don't have to be robbed. If you find yourself getting angry a lot... check you head! and maybe come to more comedy shows during the fringe... it will make you laugh, and who doesn't want to laugh?