LORDS OF STRUT Late Night TV Talk Show

The action packed talk show thats all talk and no action.
A fantastical hour of slapstick mayhem in the guise of a T.V talk show.
The talented but idiotic brothers Seamus and Sean's dream has come true; the dream to host their own T.V show.
It all goes terribly wrong and hilariously right! Through the disaster and tornado of laughs watch a trilling soap opera into the absurd, talking rocks, stupid gags, audience participation and dance routines so flash it could be the 80's!

"An hour of belly laugh's" ★★★★ (The Irish Times)



Irish performers Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally combine comedic theatrics with dance and acrobatics. They take on the persona of celebrity-obsessed but socially impaired brothers. Behind the pretence of crapness the two performers possess a raw acrobatic talent, performing moves that will make your palms sweat as you watch them. Fluorescent hi-tops, spandex unitards, gravity defying acrobatics and kick-ass dance routines, all to a soundtrack of guilty pleasures. A must for comedy fans, dance fans and budding diva's alike.

"a hilarious performance... funny and brilliantly choreographed"
FIVE STARS (Three Weeks Edinburgh)

"outrageous costumes, precarious circus stunts, merciless melodrama... Laughs come easily"
FOUR STARS (Broadway Baby, Edinburgh)