Dance Out in Isolation

Dancing Out while Dancing In

During this time of social distancing and self isolation my inner philosopher has awoken, so I ask you this…

Why is it that when we dance alone in our kitchen we do the best dancing we ever do?

It’s not something we have to learn to do, it’s instinctive, it’s primal, it’s the “inner you” expressing itself in socks on a tiled floor to a classic banger or sing along anthem.

A dance floor can be where ever you want it to be, a kitchen, a hallway, a bedroom, but a real ‘dance floor’ is where individuals come together and, collectively, dance individually (I’m getting so meta on this)

So where is this dance floor in this new socially distant world? How can we move to the same beat, the same rhythm? Do you need special training to join in?

The dance floor is virtual, it’s where you make it, collectively tuning into the same social media platforms, allowing everything you know about dance to just come out.

This is you, this is us, dancing in our kitchen/hallway/bedroom, feeling our way through this time and space by doing some high kicks and throwing some shapes on a Friday night for 30minutes.

See you every Friday night @ 7.30pm until some indeterminate date in the unknown future


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