In the Beginning

From humble beginnings rose the Legend that is Lords of Strut

FROM 2009 – 2019

The very very very very first show 2009 in front of the Peace Park Cork city… it was a little rough around the edges, some people say our shows still are, but what do people know, unless you are one of them and then, in my opinion, you are a gifted creature!

It was all spandex and “bad” dance… has that much really changed…

We were (and still are sometimes) Street Performers, with no training, contacts or any clue. The one place we knew we could perform was on the street, sure who would stop us! We have still never been stopped by the law for any street shows, parties, raves, filming and or gathering large groups of people to use the streets in their own way.

Our first show was an instant hit, it took a few years for everyone to agree but we were very happy, and we laughed a lot! Since then we have spread the laughter, and have made millions laugh… if you count of videos, and we do! sometimes it feels like we are running a business more than spreading laughter, and it takes away a bit of your own laughter… but if we can step outside of the tedium of taxes, the economy, and chasing the next gig and dream career, if we can do that, we can look with pride at having achieved more than we ever set out to. Not that we had a plan and set out to do anything other than not have real jobs.

Making art and being a clown for the past ten years, creating, performing, learning, sharing many many many joyous moments with people who I know well and people who I will never see again, people who have only seen us from a distance, people who scratched our decks pushing around a shopping trolley with a sound system, people who saw our show randomly, people who come see all our shows it has been a gift! We are very lucky and privileged to still be following our passion, living from our art and chasing new opportunities. Thank you to everyone who has shared their laughs with us over the years.


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