Bringing it back to the Eighties : BGT 2017

In 2017 we performed on the TV show Britain’s Got Talent…

To be fully honest we had to think long and hard about doing it.

As independent artists (aren’t all artists independent?) but what I think independent artists means is people not making loads of money, which is 99% of artists….. ANYWAY we had to think hard about going on the show because it is a massive commercial entity that has a history of ridiculing and bullying performers, and other’s, who’s delusions, they groom. The original inspiration for the Lords of Strut characters is people who are delusional about their talents being rejected from shows like, and including, Britain’s got Talent. We thought, what a good idea, let’s make characters who have grown up making shows in their bedroom but think they are star worthy and decide to make a show and take it on the road… character and real life often mirror each other. 

When approached by ITV to take part in the show we just didn’t think our piss take of fame and celebrity would be a good fit or sit with our “artistic merit” After some consideration and consultation with friends in the business we realised that our act probably would work and if we could do it on our own conditions would subvert the show itself. We did get to do it on our own conditions, we got to stay in character (actors words for acting and not being ourselves) we didn’t get all our demands met, we didn’t get paid… but we did get to be exposed to a massive audience, without, we feel sacrificing our “artistic merit and street cred”. The show itself has changed over the last few years and the landscape around it, it doesn’t bully and ridicule people anymore, it doesn’t make massive stars out of people, it is still a commercial TV show masquerading as a talent contest but we looked at it like one of the old variety TV shows, and why not?


I would like to receive promotional material from Lords of Strut