Release The Freak

Irelands favorite spandex wearing brothers and comic dancing divas perform a show that will have even the most cynical audience slapping their thighs and dancing in the aisles!
Fresh from shows in Sydney and New York RELEASE THE FREAK is a party from start to finish. Masters of variety they smash out their funniest, freakiest and most banging routines to make for some extremely sexy comedy. All sparkle, all glitz and and with the hottest bods in show business this is full Strut!

Simon Cowell

Lords of Strut have been ripping it up across the Irish festival scene since they first squeezed themselves into spandex they are also regulars on the international scene. As they say themselves the best thing they ever did was get out of Ireland… and then come back again!
Their unique brand of comedy acrobatics and what the hell are they doing has been delighting and confusing audiences in more than 25 countries 26 if you are counting Cork.

Cian Kinsella and Cormac Mohally perform and created the legend that is Lords of Strut.


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